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Gina and Elmo as seen in Elmo Visits the Doctor.

Gina Jefferson is a human character on Sesame Street, who first appeared in 1987.

The character was created by writer Nancy Sans, originally as a day player roll. Her first episode, in season 18, involved her getting lost on the way to 123 Sesame Street, where Gordon and two directionally-abled science class students were watching the night sky.[1]

When she was introduced as a regular, she worked at Hooper's Store, getting the job in a 1987 episode. She has developed relationships with Mike and Savion. She was also introduced as one of Gordon's students.[2] During the 1990s, she ran a day care center. Currently, she maintains a veterinary practice in the building that used to serve as a garage in the courtyard between 123 Sesame Street and Hooper's Store. She started studying to be a vet in Season 30, and opened her practice in Season 32. [3]

In 2006, she travelled to Guatemala with Maria to adopt Marco. Her mother is Italian.[4]


Gina and baby Marco.

She has appeared in songs such as "The Word is No" and "Rhyme Out."



Gina in Big Bird's Favorite Party Games.

She has appeared in the following specials:

The Sesame Street Special
Sesame Street: 20 and Still Counting
Big Bird's Birthday or Let Me Eat Cake
The Street We Live On

She has also appeared in the following videos:

The Best of Ernie and Bert
Big Bird's Favorite Party Games
Rock & Roll!
Dance Along!
Sesame Street Visits the Hospital
Telling the Truth
Elmo Visits the Doctor
What's the Name of That Song?
Elmo's Potty Time


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