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The cast of The Ghost of Faffner Hall (from top to bottom); Farkas Faffner, Fughetta Faffner, Mimi, the Wild Impresario, and Riff.


Jim Henson with the cast of The Ghost of Faffner Hall.

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cast and crew totebag

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The Ghost of Faffner Hall was a music education series which ran on HBO for 13 episodes in 1989.

Faffner Hall is a grand music conservatory where the residents -- human, animal and monster -- enjoy making music of all types. After the Hall's founder, Fughetta Faffner, dies, her ghost continues to haunt the hall. Eventually the Hall falls into the hands of her villainous, music-hating great-great-grandnephew, Farkas Faffner. He moves in, and wants to rid the Hall of its collection of musical instruments. Fughetta's ghost is forced to work overtime to defeat Farkas's schemes.[1] Fughetta is aided by youngsters Mimi and Riff, and the eccentric Wild Impresario.

Each episode studies a certain music curriculum created by Candian University of York professors John Paynter and R. Murray Schafer.[2]

Louise Gold starred as Fughetta Faffner, with Mak Wilson as Farkas, Richard Hunt as the Wild Impresario, Karen Prell as Mimi and Mike Quinn as Riff.

This show featured puppets made both by the Creature Shop and the Muppet Workshop.





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