George the Farmer is a recurring segment on Sesame Street that debuted in the second season. George demonstrates relational concepts and counting by moving around his dilapidated farm. The segments use a pixillation technique, similar to stop-motion animation, that makes George "pop" from one pose to another.


Picture Summary / EKA Description
George nearfar
Near and far
Episode 0235
George is "near" when he's on a barrel; he's "far" when he's on the porch.
George abovebelow
Above and below
Episode 0262
George is above and below a shed.
Up and down
Episode 0265
George goes up and down on ladders.
George overunder
Over and under
Episode 0270
George has a bottle over and under his hands. He also climbs over and under a ladder.
George countofour
Four configuration
Episode 0278
George shows that four milk jugs are always four, no matter how they're arranged.
In and out
Episode 0293
George ontopof
On top of
Episode 0298
George is on top of barrels, boxes and the barn roof. Then he finds various objects on top of his head.
George tallershorter
Taller and shorter
Episode 0303
George's ladder gets taller and shorter; his board does too.
Episode 0322
George counts 20 barrels.
George fastslow
Fast and slow
Episode 0323
George demonstrates "fast" and "slow" by going back and forth on a fence, and in a rocking chair.
Quiet and noisy
Episode 0931
George hits a hammer with a nail to demonstrate "quiet," then hits a post with a sledgehammer to demonstrate "noisy."
Embedded shapes
Episode 0945
George shows embedded shapes using drawing of geometric forms and household objects with the same shape.
Beginning and end
Episode 0947
George demonstrates beginning, middle and end.
Full, fuller and fullest
Episode 0967
George uses chickens to demonstrate full, fuller and fullest.
Full and empty
Episode 0974
George shows full and empty by pouring himself a glass of milk.
George counttoten
Counting to ten
Episode 0999
George uses barrels to count to ten.
Episode 1025 George the Farmer saws the legs off a table.
George through
Episode 1042
George puts his head through a barrel stave. He also goes through the barn.
Sorting George sets out various items and then sorts them by type.