George Wildman (1927-2016) was a cartoonist and illustrator who drew the Fraggle Rock coloring book The Fraggles Big Counting Coloring Book (1988).

Wildman was a long-time artist for comic book publisher Charlton, in particular working on Popeye for years (later becoming editor as well). He also drew the character for coloring books, pop-up books, special anniversary events, and other projects. Outside of the sailor man, Wildman drew comics featuring Abbott and Costello, Quick Draw McGraw, Mighty Mouse, Heathcliff, Bugs Bunny, and Animaniacs. He also inked an assortment of Disney comics in the 1990s, including those of Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Darkwing Duck.

Apart from comics, Wildman drew books featuring Casper, Nancy and Sluggo, and the Snorks. He illustrated various tie-ins to the movie Annie and contributed hidden picture pages to Highlights magazine.

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