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Genies are mythical Arabic creatures with supernatural abilities. The most famous version of the genie is in the fable of "Aladdin".

Genies in Muppet/Henson productions include:

Picture Character Production Notes
Lothar The Great Santa Claus Switch Although he looks like a dragon, Cosmo Scam refers to him as a "genie."
The Genie Jim Henson's Bedtime Stories Seen in the short story Baby Gonzo Gets His Wish
The Genie Sesame Street Seen in a Sesame Street News Flash sketch and "The Monster's Three Wishes"
Maria Sesame Street Seen in episode 0536
Cheech Marin Sesame Street Seen in episode 3259
The Mean Genie Fraggle Rock Seen in episode 309
Sweetums The Muppet Show Seen in episode 518
Marty Feldman The Muppet Show Seen in episode 518
Baby Animal Muppet Babies Seen in episode 213
Jean the Genie Elmo's Magic Cookbook

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