PERFORMER Brian Henson voice
  Mak Wilson puppeteer
DEBUT 2001

Gallaga is the famous goose that lays the golden eggs in the story of Jack and the Beanstalk.

The talking bird is an extremely talented fowl that lays eggs of gold upon hearing the music of the Harp. Gallaga is not only smart but a "smart-aleck", often not knowing when to stop talking.

Gallaga was stolen, along with the harp, from Thunderdell by Jack. Gallaga's magical power to speak was lost when she came into the human world, but she continued to lay eggs when she heard the harp's song. Gallaga's eggs were the basis of the Robison fortune and empire. Gallaga was kept prisoner in a high-tech lab, forced to do nothing but lay the precious eggs. It was not until years later that Jack's descendant freed the bird and returned her to the giants.

The puppet was manipulated by Mak Wilson with green rods that were digitally removed in post production. The voice of Gallaga was provided by director Brian Henson.

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