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Furry, Fun and Healthy Too is a Play With Me Sesame video released in 2008. It was previously released in region 4. Unlike previous region 1 releases, this one does not contain a bonus CD-rom.


  • Ernie Says: pretending to swim
  • Grover Monster's Workout Video
  • "Shake Your Rattle and Roll"
  • "When We Say 'play with me', you say 'sesame'" - putting whole body into it
  • Ernie and Bert listen to and exercise along to the radio program "Get Moving"
  • Grover has the cast jump along to the song "Jump". When the song is over, Grover gets tired, but Ernie has Grover play a game of "Ernie Says", and Ernie says "jump"
  • Big Bird and a horse teach viewers how to brush their teeth
  • Elmo sings "If Elmo Had Teeth".
  • "When we say 'play with me', you say "Sesame"" - clapping
  • Frazzle goes to the dentist
  • Ernie says: all about food
  • Waiter Grover: eggs on toast
  • Ernie guesses what computer game Bert is playing -- "Oatmeal Art"
  • Bert draws an oatmeal bowl in his Oatmeal Art game
  • "Healthy Food"
  • Mr. Johnson goes to a baseball game
  • Ernie Says: imaginary baseball
  • Grover the gym instructor
  • Elmo plays statue
  • Grover has the viewer move along to the song "Get On Up and Move Your Body"; following the clip, Ernie wants to play Ernie Says one more time, and says to move a hand

International releases

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