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Fun Fun Elmo is a Mandarin Chinese-language series, mixing animation and live action segments. Each episode introduces a tone, word and writing-stroke method for a character in the Chinese alphabet. Seen on the show are Elmo and Guy Smiley. Using the same designs as Sesame Street English, the show is essentially the opposite goal, but with a similar format.

It airs on SinoVision in the United States, and CCTV and Toonmax in China. Thirteen nine-and-a-half-minute episodes have been produced, with 13 more that were released in October 2012.

Developed as a standalone series distributed over social media, Tone Cube Dim Sum is integrated into Fun Fun Elmo. Guy Smiley hosts "Guy Smiley Mystery Word", a segment on a Tonight Show-like set. His guests are all Tone Cubes.

The opening sequence of the series is somewhat deceptive; it features Abby Cadabby, Bert, Big Bird, Ernie and Grover on a representation of the set of the American Sesame Street. The only characters to appear in the show are Elmo, Smiley, and the kids. Of all the street, only the playground is seen later on in the series.



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