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Fred the Wonder Horse headshot
PERFORMER Jerry Nelson
DEBUT 1973
DESIGN Caroly Wilcox designer/builder
Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse in Season 40

Season 40

Fred the Wonder Horse travels with Marshal Grover in a recurring series of Sesame Street sketches. He first appeared in Season 5 (1973). In these sketches, Fred is wiser than Marshal Grover, and often resolves Grover's problems, such as finding water in the desert, rescuing animals, and counting backwards.

Though he is usually seen in the company of Grover, he is occasionally seen on the street. He performed the song "Cripple Creek" with Buffy (EKA: Episode 1041), and he joined Buster the Horse to back up Gladys the Cow on "Proud to Be a Cow", performed here by Ed Christie (EKA: Episode 1858). He also sang "Horse Sense" with Judy Collins. (EKA: Episode 1061) He also appeared as Professor Fred, lecturing kids about body parts.

Video appearances

Book appearances

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