Fraglesy DVD, containing the first twelve episodes with the second dub

Fraglesy is the Polish dub of Fraggle Rock. Two dubs were prepared, one in the 1980s, and a second in the 1990s.

Translations and Voices

1990s dub cast
English Name Polish Name Polish Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Jacek Kopczyński
Wembley Wembley Józef Mika
Boober Boober Wojciech Paszkowski
Red Red Beata Jankowska
Mokey Mokey Jolanta Wilk
Sprocket / Junior Gorg Pies Sprocket / Młody Gorg Piotr Adamczyk
Pa Gorg Ojciec Gorg Janusz Bukowski
Uncle Traveling Matt Wujek Matt z podróży Jarosław Boberek
Marjory the Trash Heap Wiedźma Ple-Ple Teresa Lipowska

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