Songs from Fragglene
Released 1984
Format Cassette
Label RCA/Muppet Music
Cat no. PK 70470
Fragglene title

A soundtrack album for Fragglene, the Norwegian co-production of Fraggle Rock, was released in Norway by RCA in 1984. The album was available on LP and cassette.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Kom og syng en sang (Fraggle Rock Theme)
  2. Hver en morgen, hver en dag (Follow Me)
  3. Si det som det er (Convincing John)
  4. Strikkesangen (Doozer Knitting Song)
  5. Gjøre allting selv (Do It on My Own)
  6. Når jeg wember (Wemblin' Fool)
  7. Hvorfor (Afraid to Be Afraid)
  8. Du vet ikke stort (Lost and Found)
  9. Jobbe jobbe (Workin')

Side Two

  1. Ta i halen på tigern (Catch the Tail by the Tiger)
  2. En tulling av en sønn (Dum of a Son of a Gun)
  3. Hopp opp (Brave Boy, Jump Up)
  4. Gi meg en og gi meg to (Muck and Goo)
  5. Vennskapssangen (Friendship Song)
  6. Fraggelbur rock (Fraggle Rock Rock)
  7. En bitte liten bille (Beetle Song)
  8. Veien til lettvintland (Easy is the Only Way to Go)
  9. Vår melodi (Our Melody)
  10. Reisende Mac (All Around the World (instrumental))

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