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Fraggle Rock Valentines Day Cards.

Fraggle Rock Valentines


By Hallmark (1984)

Each package include 36 classroon cards of 6 different designs.

Traveling Matt Valentines Card

By Hallmark (1986)

A single card featuring Uncle Traveling Matt was issued by Hallmark. The front featured a die-cut illustration of Matt, and the inside held a message from Traveling Matt

Dear Nephew Gobo,
You should see the way these Silly Creatures act. You would think they had never seen a radish before! All day long they have been carrying around these strange-looking radishes and giving them to their friends and saying " Happy Vallen Time ". Weird!
Love, Your Uncle Traveling Matt
P.S. they don't taste too good either.
P.P.S. Happy " Vallen Time " to you too, whatever that means!

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