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Songs from  Fraggle Rock
Released  1984
Format  7" record, cassette
Label  Muppet Music
Catalogue no.  MBR 700 (record)
MBC 7700 (tape)

Fraggle Rock Sing-Along Book was released as a book-and-record/book-and-tape set in 1984. The book includes lyrics for all of the songs -- which is especially helpful for the "Beetle Song", as the words speed up at the end into a tongue-twister.

The set is billed as "Vol. I", although no further volumes were released.

Track listing

Side One

  1. Catch the Tail by the Tiger
  2. Beetle Song
  3. Wemblin' Fool

Side Two

  1. Dum of a Son of a Gun
  2. Muck and Goo
  3. Lost and Found

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