Travelling Matt


Red Fraggle


Exclusive First Look at Native’s Spring 2012 Fraggle Rock Campaign - For Native’s Spring 2012 lookbook, the brand collaborated with the good people from The Jim Henson Company in order to feature two iconic characters from one of our all-time favourite childhood TV series, Fraggle Rock.

Red Fraggle’ and ‘Traveling Matt’, featured above in Native’s red Millers and black Fitzsimmons, are great representatives for the Native brand as they fit into their idea of designing for the future and connecting with the past; or as they call it “Futuristic Nostalgia.”

Like Native’s adult collection, the Native kids shoes are free of animal by-products, waterproof, washable, shock absorbent, odor resistant and super duper light. In our opinion, there is no better summer shoe for kids - and who better to model them than the wonderful characters of Fraggle Rock?

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