The Fraggle Rock Game was produced in 1984 by Milton Bradley.

The object of this game is take your "Fraggle" to pick up a postcard in Doc's Workshop and to visit the Trash Heap (in any order), after which you must get your piece to the Swimming Hole for a "swim" and the win.

Before each spin, players must choose to move their own piece or Gobo; Gobo must start in his room, remain in the Steam Room while all players retrieve postcards, and be in his room before players can jump in the Swimming Hole. If Gobo lands on a space with instructions on it, he ignores them and anyone landing on his space may ignore them. You cannot move backward or into a Dead End, and if your piece cannot move the full count on the spinner, you must move Gobo if you can. You may use the number on your postcard once to replace the spinner's number, but until then, you keep the number secret.

This game comes with a game board, 5 playing pieces, 28 cards, 5 postcards and 1 spinner.