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Скала Фрэгглов is the Russian dub of Fraggle Rock. It was shown in the children's show "Budilnik" on 1989. Only the first season was dubbed (using the common "lektor" format, where a voice-over narrator overlapped the original English dialogue).

In February 2011, a new dub was introduced at 2x2. This time, Russian title was Гора Фрэгглов, which means "Fraggle Mountain". [1]

Fraggle names

English name Russian name
Gobo Гобо
Mokey Моки
Red Рэд
Wembley Уимбли
Boober Бубер
Uncle Traveling Matt Странствующий Мэтт
Sprocket Спрокет
Doc Док

General names

English name Russian name
Fraggle Фрэггл, Фрэгл
Gorg Горг
Doozer Дузер


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