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Japanese fr logo

Japanese Logo

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Opening Titles01:04

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Opening Titles

Japanese opening title

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Ending Credits00:57

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Ending Credits

Fraggle Rock Japanese Ending

フラグルロック is Fraggle Rock dubbed in Japanese. It was broadcasted on NHK starting in 1985.

In 2012, Japanese fans petitioned NHK for a rebroadcast or DVD re-release of the show. In response, NHK apologized and stated that this was impossible, as the masters of the Japanese dub had been lost.[1]



  • The original logo remains intact at the beginning of the credits.



  1. "お願い!編集長|ごめんなさい". NHK Online. December 2012.

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