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Japanese fr logo

Japanese Logo

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Opening Titles01:04

Fraggle Rock (フラグルロック) Japanese Opening Titles

Japanese opening title

Fraggle Rock Japanese Closing Credits00:52

Fraggle Rock Japanese Closing Credits

Japanese ending credits

フラグルロック is Fraggle Rock dubbed in Japanese. It was broadcasted on NHK starting in 1985.

In 2012, Japanese fans petitioned NHK for a rebroadcast or DVD re-release of the show. In response, NHK apologized and stated that this was impossible, as the masters of the Japanese dub had been lost.[1]



  • The original logo remains intact at the beginning of the credits.



  1. "お願い!編集長|ごめんなさい". NHK Online. December 2012.

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