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Fraggle Rock: Complete Third Season

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Produced by: HIT Entertainment
Jim Henson Home Entertainment
Release Date: 2007
Discs: 5
Region: 1

Pouch containing Frith sketches.

Fraggle Rock: Complete Third Season is a 5-disc DVD release of the third season of Fraggle Rock. The set includes 24 episodes, which originally aired in 1985 and 1986.

Disc Features

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Other Features


  • Each disc includes a hidden "Easter Egg" that unlocks an international Traveling Matt postcard segment. These can be found by selecting the Fraggle character pictured on each disc's main menu (for discs 1 through 4). Disc 5 contains a "Easter Egg" on each menu: on the main menu by selecting the compass, and on the submenus by selecting the Fraggle character. One of the "Easter Eggs" on disc 5 shows Michael K. Frith talking about Wander McMooch.
  • This is the only season DVD set to show the end of one of the two alternate opening sequences. Here, the one with Wembley is shown at the end of an HBO promo for "The Terrible Tunnel".
  • This is the final DVD set to have the characters shown during the menus.
  • Unlike the previous season DVD sets, the characters' faces on the discs don't match with those that are on the menus.



  • Fraggle Rock: Complete Third Season won an award for Best 1980s Series at The TV-DVD Awards

Production Seasons

The selection of episodes included in this set doesn't quite match up to the third season as originally broadcast on HBO. Fraggle Rock was produced in four seasons of 24 episodes each, but HBO split up the episodes to stretch the show into five broadcast seasons.

Season 3 was produced as 24 episodes, but broadcast as 22 episodes. The final two episodes of the season -- "Wembley's Wonderful Whoopie Water" and "Sidebottom Blues" -- were held over, and broadcast as the second and third episodes of season 4.

Season 4 was also produced as 24 episodes, but broadcast as 13 episodes -- including the two leftover episodes from the previous season. The final 13 episodes were broadcast in the following year as season 5.

HIT Entertainment's intention was to produce four DVD sets, following the original production seasons. [1] However, that intention has not played out perfectly, as this Complete Third Season set includes "Sprocket's Big Adventure", which was produced as part of the fourth season, instead of "Sidebottom Blues", which will appear in the fourth season set.


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