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Fraggle Rock: Complete Series Collection

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Produced by: HIT! Entertainment
Jim Henson Home Entertainment
Release Date: 2008
Discs: 20
Region: 1
FraggleRock Complete Repkg

Lionsgate repackaging.

Fraggle Rock: Complete Series Collection is a 2008 DVD box set that contains all 96 episodes of Fraggle Rock, plus hours of behind-the-scenes bonus features distributed over 20 discs.

Discs 1-15 are re-releases of the content from the first, second and third season box sets released from 2005-2007. Discs 16-20, which include the fourth season episodes and all-new bonus features, were only available on this set at first, but were released a year later as a stand-alone set.

According to Lions Gate marketing VP Kristin Moss, the packaging is meant to be displayed:

On the front we have special printing and techniques that were created to match this really vibrant color of the inside of the Fraggle Rock world. And then inside the box has 20 discs, and the overall piece takes over two hours to assemble, each individual box, and it's all done by hand. So again, it's something that's taken very carefully and very special consideration to create a piece that's both collectible and really cool for, you know, all the fans out there.[1]


Disc 1: Season 1

Disc 2: Season 1

Disc 3: Season 1

Disc 4: Season 1

Disc 5: Season 1 Bonus Features

Disc 6: Season 2

Disc 7: Season 2

Disc 8: Season 2

Disc 9: Season 2

Disc 10: Season 2 Bonus Features

Disc 11: Season 3

Disc 12: Season 3

Disc 13: Season 3

Disc 14: Season 3

Disc 15: Season 3 Bonus Features

Disc 16: Season 4

Disc 17: Season 4

Disc 18: Season 4

Disc 19: Season 4

Disc 20: Season 4 Bonus Features

  • Let the Music Play featurette
  • Directing the Fraggles featurette
  • The Inner Gorg: Interviews with performers inside the costumes
  • Designing the Puppets: Interviews with puppetmakers
  • You Cannot Leave the Magic: Last day of Shooting
  • Celebrating Fraggle Rock: Excerpts from wrap party
  • Dance Your Cares Away: Evolution of Fraggle Rock Theme Song

Other Features

  • Original Fraggle Rock illustration poster


  • A new short starring Red Fraggle was originally planned to be produced as a special feature, but has been dropped due to time reasons.[2] As well as the Alternative Show Opens from UK Fraggle Rock series.

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