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Fraggle Rock: Complete First Season

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Produced by: HIT Entertainment
Release Date: 2005
Discs: 5
Region: 1

Fraggle Rock: Complete First Season is a 2005 five-disc DVD box set of the first season of Fraggle Rock. The set includes 24 complete episodes, which originally aired in 1983.

Disc Features


Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4

Disc 5

Bonus Features:

Other Features


  • In the original HBO broadcasts at the end of the theme song, Boober usually proclaimed, "Down at Fraggle Rock." However, the other characters also tried the line too. Two of these alternate versions aired featuring Wembley (in "The Terrible Tunnel") and Gobo (in "The Finger of Light"). These two original openings are not included in this set; these are the only alterations made to the episodes.
  • On the DVD cover, Boober is shown with turquoise skin. When Lionsgate rereleased this DVD set, Boober's skin is switched back to green.
  • The Barney & friends caboose set was set for some of the interviews


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