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Fragglarna vhs

Fragglarna is the Swedish dub of Fraggle Rock. It was shown the first time on Swedish TV on September 22, 1984. The show has been in re-run in 1986, 1987 and 2001.

Translations and Voices

English Name Swedish Name Swedish Voice Actor
Gobo Gobo Bo Maniette
Wembley Vembi Ulf Källvik
Boober Bober Ulf Peder Johansson
Red Vips Christel Körner
Mokey Moki Monica Forsberg
Uncle Traveling Matt Farbror Resande Mack Ingemar Carlehed
Junior Gorg Junior Gorg Alf Nilsson
Marjory the Trash Heap Skräphögen Matilda Stefan Ljungqvist

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