Fozzie replica detail

Prototype replica from Master Replicas

A replica photo puppet of Fozzie Bear was planned for release from Master Replicas and is currently being looked at by eFX.

Unfinished product from Master Replicas

Master Replicas planned to release a Fozzie Bear photo puppet replica as its fourth official Muppet replica. The design was based on the patterns and materials used by the Muppet Workshop to produce the official photo puppets. A prototype, built by Terry Angus, was first shown at San Diego Comic-Con in 2007; with the original release date estimate of "Spring 2009."[1] However, due to low retail support for such a high-priced item, production of the puppet was put on hold and never released.

Potential product from eFX

In June 2009, eFX acquired the license to continue the series. A representative for the company stated that Fozzie was still in development.[2] Fozzie is also listed on the company's newsletter announcement of potential character replicas. However the company has not scheduled the release yet (as there is still "a lot of work that needs to be done").[3]


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