Fournier is a Spanish playing card company. In 1868, Heraclio Fournier, descendant of renowned master printers of Paris, established and founded a small playing card factory in Vitoria, Spain. The business prospered quickly and Fournier had to move to a larger space. In 1889, Heraclio Fournier created the lithographic deck with 12 colours, with the distinct characteristic of his own face on the Ace of Coins. This deck won prizes at the exhibitions of Paris, Brussels, Barcelona, Madrid, Cairo, and others. Later, Augusto Rius would revise the design, giving to the cards their own definitive style, very similar to those that exists today.

In 1916, Heraclio Fournier died in Vichy, but the company continued its expansion, run by his grandson Félix Alfaro, who replaced him as the head of the business. He was responsible for the great worldwide development of the brand and the international fame of the Spanish deck.

In 1976 the company made two deks of Ábrete Sésamo card games, a decate later he made two deks more. This time for the renewed show called Barrio Sésamo.

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