Plot Party preparations (Repeat of 2491)
Air date February 27, 2011
Season 39


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Wolle is about to start Sesamstrasse, he hits the yellow button and all the lights and monitors in the control room go out. He concludes that it was the wrong button and pushes the red one instead. Everything starts up again and he declares that, just as he had thought all along, the correct button was the red one.
(First: Folge 2518)
Scene Nils and Samson are decorating the street for a party. Finchen asks if she can help, Samson says that of course she can help, there's a lot of things they need to hang up.
Scene Finchen have gotten the job of hanging some decoration up in the air, however he are having difficulties with reaching up. Nils takes over and hangs up the decoration. Instead Finchen finds some lamps, that he want to hang up on the street sign. First he tires to throw the lamps over the sign, however that did not work. Samson notice that Finchen are having difficulties and comes over to help him. Finchen refuses Samson's help, he wants to do it himself.

Scene Finchen builds a ladder at her leafpile, this will for sure help her put up the lamps on the sign. She climbs the ladder, but just as she is about to reach the top the ladder breaks.
Finchen tries again, this time she has found his mountaineering equipment, and start to climb the sign post. It seems to go well, but she ends up falling down. There have to be a way to get the lamps all the way up the sign post, just then she notice that Samson are blowing up balloons, this gives her an idea.
Scene Nils carries out his box with CD's, however he seems to have lost the key for it. Just then Finchen comes floating by in a air balloon, so he can hang up the lamps. But before Nils and Samson can warn her, the balloon hits the sign and he crashes. She explains to Nils and Samson that she wanted to hang the lamps on the sign post, but she are to small to reach it. Nils tells Finchen that she could just have asked one of them to do it, but Finchen replies that she wanted to help with the party preparations. Just then she notice something on the ground under a outdoor shelf, Nils stops Samson as she bends down to pick it up. Nils says that Samsons arm are way to big, and that they would need someone who are small to pick it up. Finchen reaches down under the shelf and picks up some keys. It turns out to be the keys for Nils' CD box, Nils tells Finchen that she just saved the party because you can't have a party without music.
Cartoon Fisch (fish) and Stäbchen (chopstick) combine the two and you get Fischstäbchen (Fish sticks)
Counting Fruit
Muppets Bert wants to sort his paperclips, but he can't concentrate because Ernie is counting fruit. Bert decides to wait until Ernie is done. This proves to be a bad idea: after counting all the fruits in the bowl, Ernie continues to count all the fruits he has zero of.
Muppets As the boss asks Wolle to start the next segment, Wolle is nowhere to be seen in the control room. Wolle then yells that the boss has to find him first, the boss then says that Wolle is hiding under the control table and Wolle pops up from under the table. Wolle asks the boss how he knew it, and the boss replies that it's the only place to hide.
(First: Folge 2517)
Film A kid makes his own ice at his friends icebar.
(EKA: Folge 2492)
Muppets The Count von Count sings "Counting Robins" with a group of robins.
(EKA: Folge 2474)
Muppets Bert draws a bowl of oatmeal on his computer.
Muppets Ernie says move your hands fast and slow.
Muppets Reporter Wolle wants to find out what happens to old cars at a scrapyard.
(First: Folge 2463)
Muppets Wolle is eating bananas at the controls, but his boss tells him that he can't leave for the day before he has cleaned up after him. Wolle pushes the banana peels down on the floor and says he finished cleaning, and leaves. But on his way out he slips on the banana peels.
(First: Folge 2520)

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