Plot Pferd gives thanks (Repeat of 2453)
Air date January 30, 2011
Season 38


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Wolle is about to start Sesamstrasse, he hits the yellow button and all the lights and monitors in the control room go out. He concludes that it was the wrong button and pushes the red one instead. Everything starts up again and he declares that, just as he had thought all along, the correct button was the red one. (First: Folge 2518)
Scene Pferd's aunt Ingrid has sent him a delicious carrot and he are trying to think of a way to thank her, he concludes that he might get an idea after he has eaten the carrot. Wolle comes by and Pferd tells him about the problem. Wolle suggest that Pferd sings a little song.
Scene Pferd tries to rap a song, but Wolle don't think a rap song are the right thing to do. He suggest that he should play a instrument. Pferd quickly thinks that playing the drums would be a good idea, however Wolle think a different instrument would be better to use thank aunts, maybe something like a tuba. Pferd thinks it's a great idea and goes to find one.
Scene Pferd attempts to play the tuba but nothing happens. Wolle tells him to blow harder, but still nothing happens. Pferd are sure that the tuba are broken, but Wolle thinks that something are stuck inside it. So Wolle looks down into it while Pferd attempts to play it and then suddenly sound comes out of it and Wolle are blown away. Wolle conclude that the tuba re not the right instrument. Pferd once again suggest to play the drums and this time Wolle thinks it won't hurt to try it out. But in order to really please Pfed's aunt Wolle will join in on the banjo.
Scene They start to play a song about saying thanks to your relatives with a song. At the end of the song Pferd are playing faster and faster on the drums until they suddenly explode. Pferd thinks that the song are really great, Wolle agrees but the problem are how they should play it again.
Cartoon Babies and doggies pattern: What comes next?
Artist: Keith Haring
Muppets Bert sings "I Wish I Had a Friend to Play with Me"
(EKA: Folge 2272)
Muppets Wolle is about to sneeze as his boss asks him to start the next segment. Wolle is still about to sneeze, so his boss tells him "Gesundheit!" and Wolle stops and says that he has not sneezed yet. Just then he sneezes and hits the red button that cues the next segment.
(First: Folge 2516)
Film A girl at the dentist.
Muppets Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "Gonna Rock You to Sleep."
Muppets Bert plays a pigeon computer game, where he has to find the right pattern of colored eggs.
Muppets "Ernie says" touch features in your face.
Muppets Wolle visit a traveling fun fair and its haunted house attraction.
(First: Folge 2412)
Muppets Wolle is eating bananas at the controls, but his boss tells him that he can't leave for the day before he has cleaned up after him. Wolle pushes the banana peels down on the floor and says he finished cleaning, and leaves. But on his way out he slips on the banana peels.
(First: Folge 2520)

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