Plot Nils is sick (Repeat of 2400)
Air date January 9, 2011
Season 38


Picture Segment Description
Scene Nils is sick and he tells Finchen that he has tried everything to get well, but he has decided to take a nap and let the Antibodies (including guest star Michael Kessler) do their work.
Scene While Nils sleeps Finchen discovers Nil's antibodies sleeping on his pile of leafs.
Scene They tell him they are to tired to do any work, but getting some vitamins might help.
Scene Finchen fetches some oranges from Nil's shop and makes them some orange juice.
Scene Afterwards the march over to were Nil's is sleeping and vanishes in puff of smoke.
Scene Shortly after Nils wakes up feeling better. Finchen tells Nil's that he has given orange juice to the antibodies, Nil's laughs at thos at first, but then he gets the taste of orange jucie in his mouth.

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