Plot Rumpel's cough medicin (Repeat of 2256)
Air date December 5, 2010
Season 38


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening As the boss asks Wolle to push the red button to start the Sesamstrasse episode, he is searching under the table for something. It turns out that he found a red button, so he can start the show. The boss tells him that it's the wrong kind of a button, but Wolle pushes it anyway, and the show begins.
(First: Folge 2519)
Scene Ella and Samson hears a strange sound and they discover that it's Rumpel that are coughing. Ella helps Rumpel to search his Grouch medicine book for a remedy to help the cough. She concludes that he suffers from a tin-cough and she starts to read how to cure it. First all tin cans must be removed from the patient and then a horrible mixture have to be made. Ella asks Samson to help mixing the medicin. Ella tells Rumpel that they will be right back with his medicin.
Scene Ella and Samson have started working on the horrible mixture that contains a herring covered in jam, old shoelaces and a grated shoe sole. Samson and Ella quicly agree that it stinks horrible.
Scene Rumpel are comforting Gustav and ensures him that the medicin are gonna work. Just then Ella and Samson returns with the medicin. Rumpel gets a spoonfull of the medicin and he likes it very much it's delicious horrible. Ella then tells him that the next step in the treatment are that he have to cover himself in newspapers and drink a cold tea with banana peels and rotten bread. Rumeple are excited and looks forward to it and quickly starts to find the newspapers. Ella and Samson leaves to make the tea. Rumpel conclude that it's not so bad to be sick.

Scene Rumpel are sitting in a chair wrapped in newspapers and drinks his tea. He tells Gustav that he are not really feeling sick anymore. But he has discovered that there are a few advatages in being sick so he want's act like he are sick for a few more days. He tells Gustav not to say it to anyone. Just then Ella and Samson returns and thinks he looks better, but Rumpel tells them that he are still not feeling well and starts to fake his coughing. He asks for some more of the horrible medicin. Samson can't understand that the treament did not work, they did everything the book said. Ella are getting suspicious. She thinks they need a different treatment her grandmothers old advise, hot milk with plenty of honey. Rumpel are in chocking how could anyone drink that awfull stuf and suddenly feels a lot better. Ella thinks it's the first time that hot milk and honey worked that fast.
Cartoon Drawing a horse
(First: Folge 2402)
Muppets Die Grosse Sesamstrassen-Musikshow: A green wolf and pirate captain Wolle sing a song about why they prefer a treasure of carrots to a treasure of gold and silver. In the meantime Ernie tries to fix up the pirate ship prop, which he did not finish in time.
(First: Folge 2485)
Muppets Wolle is drinking bottled water when the boss asks him to start the next segment. He lets out a small burp and ducks under the table. The entire screen shakes as he burps again. Afterwards he pops up, says "on with the show!" and pushes the red button.
(EKA: Folge 2521)
Film Kids talks about pirates.
(EKA: Folge 2335)
Muppets Loretta sings about her feelings when she lost her dog Trey in the park.

Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures:Secret Agents 00-Bert and 00-Ernie (along with Bernice) parachute into a Guatemalan jungle to capture the notorious Dr. Bird Whistle, who uses bird calls to capture rare birds for his collection. This time, he is in Guatemala to capture the native bird, the quetzal. They try to trap Dr. Bird Whistle, but Bernice ends up caught in a cage. Bird Whistle releases her, finding pigeons common. He finds the quetzal and chase it, while Bert discovers Bernice is gone. They set another trap for him, which accidentally traps the quetzal, while another trap gets Bird Whistle. Now seeing how the birds feel, he promises to release the birds. Agent Bernice appears and reveals she set the trap.
Cartoon (EKA: Folge 2412)
Muppets A fat blue girl loses her wind-blown hat in a tree, but she can't cross the street to get it. Super Grover comes to the rescue, and tries to call the cap back. The girl realizes that she needs a grown-up to cross the street, and with her Aunt Edna she gets her hat back.
(EKA: Folge 2414)
Muppets Wolle is happy with a flawless broadcast. The boss asks Wolle not to be so happy, Wolle just laughs at him and asks "what can possibly go wrong?" Just then, a lamp falls down and hits Wolle on the head. The boss tells him that a lamp could fall from the ceiling, for instance.
(First: Folge 2521)

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