Plot Group photo (Repeat of 2333)
Air date August 8, 2010
Season 37


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening As the boss asks Wolle to push the red button to start the Sesamstrasse episode, he is searching under the table for something. It turns out that he found a red button, so he can start the show. The boss tells him that it's the wrong kind of a button, but Wolle pushes it anyway, and the show begins.
(First: Folge 2519)
Scene Moni wants to take a group photo of Lena, Annette and Samson at Rumpel's barrel. Moni asks Samson to hold Lena in the photo, but just as they are ready at the barrel Rumpel pops up and tells them that it's forbidden to take pictures around his barrel. Annette asks him if it will help if he are gonna be in the photo as well, Rumpels only comment to that is that he hates photos.
Scene Annette tells Rumpel that a photograph are a great present, maybe he could give a photo to his cousin Oscar. Rumpel finally agrees to allow the picture, he dives down into his barrel to find his good hat.
Scene Rumpel finds his hat, and they all line up to get the picture taken. However Annettes mobile phone starts to ring and she says that she has to take it. While talking on the phone, she drops it into the barrel. Rumpel dives down to find it.
Scene Rumpel finds Annettes cell phone, however the caller has hanged up. Moni tells them to hurry up and get to there places before anything else happens. Just as Moni is about to take the picture Lena farts. They all start to laugh and hold there noses.
Scene They decide to try to get the picture taken yet again. This time Lena drops her pacifier into Rumpels barrel, Rumpel tells her that he are not gonna dive into the barrel again and she starts to cry. Moni goes to comfort Lena, Samson points out that if Moni is with them who are gonna take the picture. Moni says that theres a timer on the camera. Annette suggest that she will push the timer, but she gets interrupted by her cell phone, Samson tells Rumpel to use the time to find Lena's pacifier. Then Annette are finished talking and rushes over to the camera to set the timer. And as Annette rushes back she trips and knock over and Rumpel pops up just in time to be the only one on the picture, with the pacifier in his mouth
Cartoon A dog plays a game around a cardboard box.
Muppets Bert has gone to visit his brother Bart. Ernie pretends that Bert is still there using a drawing and a pillow, but it isn't the same. Then, Ernie remembers Bert will be back tomorrow, and can go back to bed.
Muppets Wolle is about to sneeze as his boss asks him to start the next segment. Wolle is still about to sneeze, so his boss tells him "Gesundheit!" and Wolle stops and says that he has not sneezed yet. Just then he sneezes and hits the red button that cues the next segment.
(First: Folge 2516)
Film Kids talks about their private photo's
Muppets Polly Darton and Benny Rabbit sing "14 Carrot Love."
(EKA: Folge 2368)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Repairman Ernie and repairman Bert tries to hunt down a computer bug.
Muppets In "The New Here is Your Life", Sonny Friendly presents the life of a storybook, with visits from I.C. DeForrest, the book's author, her illustrator, Murray Matisse, and Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf. Because after all, the book was written to tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood. She is given a talking book as a prize.
Muppets Wolle is sad that Sesamstrasse is finished, when his boss tells him that there's gonna be another episode tomorrow. Wolle cheers up and leaves for the day.
(First: Folge 2518)

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