Plot How to get a wardrobe into a house
Air date December 13, 2009
Season 37


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Nils has bought a new wardrobe for his and Annette's bedroom. Pferd and Wolle volunteer to help get it into the house.
Scene After gotten the wardrobe of the car, Nils are having doubts about being able to get it through the door. However Wolle ensures him that it won't be a problem. However Nils still have his doubts, but Wolle tells him that he won't know if they don't try it. But it tunrs out that Nils worries were correct it don't fit though the door, the wardrobe are to high.
Scene Wolle concludes that they have to make it smaller then. Pferd got an idea, he are gonna eat some of it, but it turns out to be to hard to chew through wood. Wolle gets an idea, he returns with a chainsaw. Wolle starts the chainsaw, but are having difficulties controlling it, and Nils jumps out the window to stop Wolle. Nils explains to Wolle that he can't just saw the wardrobe in half. Wolle then thinks of a new plan.
Scene In Wolles new plan the wardrobe are not to big, it's the door that's to small. He and Pferd returns with a air hammer each, again they are having difficulties controlling them and Nils are able to stop them before they manage to do any damage. Nils tells them that there have to be another way than destroying something. Wolle tries to rethink the plan and somehow he suggests that they tip the wardrobe in order to get it to fit into the doorway and they push it inside. After they got it inside Nils asks them what they have learned from all of this. Pferd replies that you should not try to eat a wardrobe, since it do not taste good, and they all laugh.
Film Two kids are building a cave out of a cardboard box
Film Searching the world for a animal. Kids from around the world gives a demonstration of the sound it makes, before the animal in question are revealed, this time it was a duck.
(First: Folge 2499)
Muppets Ernie & Bert Show: The question is "What swims in the water that you can catch with a rod?"

Ernie finds a rod and wants to test what he can catch with it. First he catches a telephone. During his second attempt he catches one of the studio lights, and it falls down on Bert. While Ernie tries a third time, Bert tells him that the correct answer is a fish. However, Ernie disagrees as usual since his experiment brought different results. On his third attempt Ernie catches Rubber Duckie, and since it swims in the water, that would have to be the correct answer.
(First: Folge 2408)

Film High-speed film of plants growing.
Muppets Pirate captain Wolle orders his deck hand Pferd to climb the mast and set the sails. But Pferd refuses to do anything before he gets a lunch break, at first Wolle objects after all the lst lunch break was 5 minutes ago but he ends up letting Pferd gets his break. After Pferd have eaten captain Wolle once again orders him up the mast. But Pferd objects again he can't climb the mast on a full stomach, so he takes a nap.
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures:Ernie and Bert are pirates, looking for treasure on the open sea. They come to an island, where a monkey steals their map, and they have to swap Bert's clothes to get it back. They find a happy face, and dig up a treasure chest full of socks, which Bert finds exciting, but Ernie doesn't. Their lifeboat has floated away from the shore, so they use the treasure chest as a floating device and the socks as sails.
Muppets Hero Guy and Baby Bear ride a pirate ship, but Baby Bear forgot to draw the water. Fortunately, Hero Guy's tears make the water.
(EKA: Folge 2326)


  • This is the final episode to feature an original, street story. Episodes through 2012 would re-use stories from previous seasons (from 2003 to 2008) until the show changed formats in episode 2659.

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