Plot Vanishing food
Air date November 29, 2009


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Nils have decided that he wants to make some pancakes, he checks to see that he has everything he needs. However as he picks up the eggs he drops them by accident.
Scene Nils decides to run over to his store and get some new eggs. Meanwhile Pferd, Wolle and Samson have taken a break from their soccer game, and the go into Nils kitchen looking for something to drink and they find a carton of milk on the kitchen table that they drink. Nils returns to discover that the milk are missing, he decide not to go to the store once more and instead of making pancakes he decide to make a few slices of bread. He goes to the cellar to find some pickles.
Scene While Nils are away Samson, Wolle and Pferd enters the house again and discover the bread and cheese nd they start to ea. Afterwards they are ready to resume thir game. Nils returns with he pickles to find the plate empty, he gets a suspision to the three outside. Just then Samson, Wolle and Pferd comes back into the house. Nils asks them bout the missing milk and bread and they says that they thought they could take it. They get sad bout what they donr and Samson gets an idea that he whispers to Wolle and Pferd and they quickly leave.
Scene Nils finds a soda in his fridge, but the bottle opener are in the livingroom, as he is bout to leave he hears Samson, Wolle and Pferd out on the street nd he quickly returns to hide the soda in the fridge. It turns out that they have brought a basket with various food, that they want to share with Nils to make up for what they did. While they et Nils remember that he has a soda, and just then Pferd opens the frigde and drinks it and they all laugh.
Scene Bert have looked forward to his lemonade, but Ernie are not sure the lemonade don't look very fresh. But as Bert are his best friend it's safer that he tastes it first, to see if it's fresh. As Ernie drinks it all he concludes that it was fresh and very tasty.
Film Kids talks about grocery shopping.
Film High-speed film with 3 white roses that changes colours because they are put in colored water.
Muppet Ernie and Bert are relaxing in the hot sun, Bert suggest that Ernie goes the store and get some orange juice, since he has gotten the juice the last few days. However Ernie will need to prepare himself, he gets a hat in case it suddenly frezzes. He also search for a rain coat in case of rain. But thats not all he also needs a lollipop, in case he meets a wolf. Bert thinks Ernie are being crazy and they don't have any lollipos, Ernie then says that he can't go to the store without a lollipop. Bert ends up saying that he will go to the store to buy Ernie a lollipop, Ernie then asks him to bring some orange jucie as well.
Cartoon A story with "M" words.
Muppets The Wolf vom Wörtersee wants to make dinner for the Wörterfee, spaghetti with tomato sauce. However the Wörterfee would like something else, she challenge him to come up with a dish that begins with "B", afterall it's her favorite letter. Woulf goes shopping with his two friends, they find many things that starts with "B", but Wolf will only have sometihing that reminds him about spagetti. Finally he finds something he can use and hurries home. It turns out that he found some Bandnudeln (Tagliatelle), that he serves to the Wörterfee with tomato saus.
(First: Folge 2458)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures: Bert and Ernie find themselves in Superheropolis, which means they're superheroes! As Super Pigeon and Rubber Duckie Man they must stop the Mad Pancake -- who's stolen Super Pigeon's breakfast!
Muppets Mr. Johnson wants a hamburger, but Grover strongly suggests that he order the tomato surprise instead. Mr. Johnson relents, and asks for the tomato surprise, only to find that it means a giant, talking tomato will be dining with him. Surprise!
(EKA: Folge 2302)

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