Plot The lost apple. (season premiere)
Air date September 13, 2009
Season 37


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Mehmet leaves the store with a bag full of various things, he do not notice that a apple falls out of the bag. Shortly after Pferd comes by and notice the good looking apple, he are certain that he could make a delicious pancake out of it.
Scene Pferd hurries back to the barn with the apple and tells Wolle how how he found it just laying on the street. Wolle tells Pferd that the apple do not belong to him and that the owner might miss it. However Pferd insist that he can keep it since he found it. Wolle decides to find out who lost the apple, and he tells Pferd that in the mean time he are not allowed to touch it.
Scene Pferd are tries to wait for Wolle to return, but it's hard since the apple are so delicious. He tries to look the other way for a while, but thats to hard, so he decides to cover his eyes instead. However his nose then starts to sniff the apple, he manage to stop himself from eating it. Pferd then finds a broom, that he will use to protect the apple. But the apple still looks so delicious.
Pferd then notice that the apple have a bruise, and that it's started to go bad, so in order to save it he decides that he can make it into a pancake.
Scene As Pferd admires his pancake, Wolle arrives with Mehmet, who thanks Pferd for finding his apple since he has searched everywhere for it. Mehmet then notice the pancake, and Wolle gets a suspicion what it is. Pferd quickly tells them that the apple was starting to go bad, so he had to make it into a pancake. Wolle are upset that Pferd could not leave the apple as he was told. Mehmet are not that worried about it, since they can just share the pancake that Pferd made. Pferd flips the pancake, and it lands on Mehmet's head.
Scene Bert are about to eat a apple, and Ernie thinks it looks delicious. He asks Bert if he can get a piece, reluctant Bert agrees that they could share it. Ernie quickly graps the apple out of Bert's hand and eats it all. Afterwards he hands Bert the apple core, and says that's Bert's half.
Film Paulina looks for her teddy bear at a lost and found.
Film A high-speed film of a harbor area in a city.
Muppets Todays question on the Ernie & Bert Show are "It's made of glass, you have it on the nose, and you can see better with it"

Ernie are sure that it's a magnifying glass, and tries to prove it to Bert.
(First: Folge 2405)

Cartoon (EKA: Folge 2455)
Muppets The Wörterfee asks Wolf vom Wörtersee for his help, it seems that the lake are loosing water, the lakes stopper are missing. Wolf tries to figure out what a stopper are. He finds a weird round thing on a chain near the lake, but since he don't know what it is he throws it away. With the help of his friends he tries to figure out how to stop the water. He decides that the right thing to do are to build a submarine. As the submarine are finished, he once again notice the weird round thing on a chain, he decides that it would make a great submarine captain amulet. However as he are about to put the submarine in the water, it falls a part. The Wörterfee re-appears and notice the stopper around Wolfs neck and thanks him for saving the lake.
(EKA: Folge 2455)
Animation Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures:Ernie is in high spirits to dive to find the Eight-Legged-Wonder. However, he’s going solo as Bert is reluctant to join in the watery fun. But when Rubber Duckie’s safety is on the line, Bert takes a chance, saves Duckie, and realizes just how fun new things can be.

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