Plot Beard tonic
Air date April 5, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Rumpel welcomes the viewer and inform that he is doing a experiment, he is trying to make a beard growing tonic, so he can win a Grouch science contest.
Scene Rumpel thinks that the tonic is done, however if he drank it himself he would not be able to see if he would grow a Grouch beard. Pferd comes by and asks Rumpel if he could have some of that lemonade, just as Rumpel refuses it he realizes that Pferd could be his test subject. He gives Pferd some of the "lemonade". Pferd thinks it's delicious and then he starts to slowly grow a beard. Rumpel claims that he is a genius, but Pferd tells him that the lemonade was not that good. But the beard continues to grow bigger.
Scene Rumpel shows Pferd the beard in a mirror, Pferd are a bit confused by it and Rumpel tell Pferd about the beard tonic he made. Pferd wants Rumpel to make the beard stop growing. Rumpel tries to figure out how to stop the beard from growing, Pferd suggests that he could use some carrots, Rumpel don't belive that would work. Rumpel tries something else instead, and Pferd drinks the new tonic. This time he got pink eyelids. Pferd are not happy with the new look.
Scene Rumpel then tries to mix a new tonic, but this time Pferd grows big teeth. Rumpel are clueless about what to do next, once again Pferd sugegst him to make a tonic of carrots. Rumpel refuses since no Grouch in his right mind would use carrots in experiments. But Pferd insists that Rumpel makes a new tonic out of carrots.
Scene Rumpel then procedes to make a tonic out of carrots juice, but insits that Pferd keeps it a secret from the other Grouch scientists. The carrot tonic works and Rumpel starts dreaming about wining the Grouch scientist award for his new discoveries. Pferd interupts Rumpel's daydream by asking him if he could have the rest of the tonic. After drinking it Pferd turns around and walks away and Rumpel notice that Pferd's tail have turned orange.
Scene Ernie are shocked about what he has seen down on Sesamstrasse, Bert have not seen anything he has been busy using his hairspray. Bert explains to Ernie what hairspary are good for he mentions that you look good, and that hair keeps your head warm and that with lots of hair you don't need to wear a hat during winter. Ernie then asks Bert to spary his hands so that he don't need to wear gloves in the winter.
Film Kids talks about hair.
Film Highspeed film showing Sheep wool being cut.
Muppets Bert are making noises inside the caravan, Ernie informs the viewer that his good friend Bert have dyed his hair red by mistake and that he refuses to come out. Ernie then helps Bert to hide the red hair, Bert ends up getting covered in green hair, that way no-one would notice the red hair. The Wolf vom Wörtersee comes by and thinks Bert is his brother and takes him out for a swim.
Cartoon A parrot looses it's color in the rain.
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a hairdresser to find out what she does.
Animation Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is a lion.
Muppets Grover attempts to sell Mr. Johnson a wig, but Mr. Johnson doesn't want any wigs.
(EKA: Folge 2087)

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