Air date March 8, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Annette is babysitting Lena, when she drops a toy under the table, which Annette tries to find. At the same time Frau Kowalski notices that Lena seems to be alone sitting in the highchair and she rushes over to the house.
Scene Annette gives Lena the toy she has picked up under the table. Annette then proceeds to cook them some food while she plays music on the radio. Frau Kowalski attempts to ring the doorbell and is starting to get really nervous that Lena could be all alone. She hammers on the door, but there is still no answer. She goes to the window to look inside. Just then Lena knocks over more toys, which Annette goes down on her knees to pick up. This convinces Frau Kowalski that Lena is all alone. She hurries away to find something to help her get into the house.
Scene Lena points over to the window, but when Annette looks over, there's nothing there. Meanwhile, Frau Kowalski has found a ladder to get into a open window on the top floor. But the ladder is too short, and on her way down the ladder she falls down. Inside Annette is cutting some vegetables with a knife, and after Lena throws more toys on the floor she goes over to pick them up and leaves the knife on the table next to Lena. Frau Kowalski is looking through the window again and notices the knife on the table, so she hurries away to figure out how to get in.
Scene Annette has picked up the toys, but Lena once again is pointing towards the window, so Annette goes over to take a look. She sees Frau Kowalski doing something that looks like exercises. She picks up Lena and goes to the door.
Scene Frau Kolwalski has decided to break down the door and starts running towards it, just as Annette is opening it. Frau Kowalski trips on the floor and is surprised to see that Annette is home.
Scene Ernie and Bert have seen it all from their balcony. Bert can't understand what Frau Kowalski was thinking; she is usually very sensible. Ernie says that he thinks she has run her head into a wall.
Film Some Kids are talking about being alone.
Cartoon A story with only "W" words.
Muppets Bert is reading a comic book about pigeons. Ernie finds Bert with his magnifying glass and decides to observe him while he is reading his comic book. Bert is having problems concentrating on reading his book and suggests that Ernie should try to see how it feels to have someone watching over you while you are reading. However, Ernie does not have a problem with Bert looking at him while reading the comic book. Ernie thinks the comic is very good and thanks Bert for letting him read it.
Film An ice cream stick melts.
(EKA: Folge 2408)
Muppets The Wolf vom Wörtersee calls on the Wörterfee to tell her that he will be arranging a concert for her. To prepare for the concert he eats some spaghetti, but he ends up having voice problems, so he tries to find out how to solve it with help from some kids. They tell him he has a frog in his throat, so Wolf decides to hold up a glass with flies so that the frog will come up into his mouth to eat the flies; however, the flies fly into his mouth. The kids explain that he does not have a real frog in his throat. But it has gotten late, so Wolf hurries back to the Wörterfee. He tells her about his throat problem. After she asks him what could have caused the problem, he coughs up some of the spaghetti and is able to sing. However, the Wörterfee thinks he sang better with a frog in his throat.
(First: Folge 2453)
Animation Guess that animal clay animation. The animal in question is a whale.
Muppets Alistair Cookie makes a wardrobe change to star as his usual self in a film about conservation. Cookie Monster's Pop teaches his son about saving water by turning the faucet off tightly and saving electrical energy by turning off the TV when nobody is watching it. They spy a plate of cookies and decide that those shouldn't be wasted either, but Chef John and a group of monsters rush in to admonish the pair for eating the cookies which they were saving for themselves.

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