Air date January 25, 2009
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Pferd has broken a hoof, and his friends are trying to take care of him. However they have other things to do as well, but before they leave Pferd asks them what he should do if he needs help with something.
Scene Wolle gets an idea, he finds a cell phone and gives it to Pferd so he can get help from himself, Samson or Nils if he needs it. Shortly after they leave, Pferd decides that he needs his favorite book, however he can't reach it, so he calls Wolle and asks him if he can bring the book. Wolle rushes over to get the book to Pferd.
Scene Just as Pferd is about to read the book, he remembers that he will need is carrot lamp in order to read properly. So he calls Samson and asks him if he could bring him the lamp. Samson fetches the lamp for Pferd. However the light from the lamp is so hot that Pferd needs some cold lemonade to cool him down, so he calls Nils, who then delivers a glass of lemonade.
Scene Pferd then proceeds call his friends for all kind of things such as, more lemonade, sunglasses, cookies and carrots.
Scene Finally, they have had enough and take the phone away from Pferd, and tell Pferd that they wanted to do something nice for him and he just took advantage of them. Pferd explains that he did not have any use for most of the items, he was just bored. Then he gets an idea, he invites them all for some cookies and lemonade. And they all share the things that Pferd had ordered from them.
Scene Ernie talks on the phone and Bert is tired of the fact that Ernie uses the phone so often that he has gotten a new phone for himself, so he finally can use it when he wants. Ernie then calls Bert's new phone, to tell him that it's a great idea now they can talk all the time on the phone with each other.
This segment is a remake of an insert originally made for the U.S. version.
Film A girl, named Kristina, talks about how it's like to be a patient at the children's ward.
Cartoon A cartoon about things that starts with the letter E such as a "ente" (a duck).
Muppets Bert is reading his duck joke book, and is enjoying himself. He tells Ernie some of the jokes from the book, however Ernie do not think it's funny and doesn't think a duck would find it funny either. So Bert tells one of the jokes to some ducks on the pond, and they end up quaking and Bert and Ernie interpret it as the ducks find the joke funny.
This segment is also a remake of a segment originally filmed for the U.S. version. In that version, Bert reads a pigeon joke book, and reads it to a flock of pigeons at the park.
Cartoon A duck morphs into a guitar.
Muppets Wolle interviews a lifeguard about what a lifeguard does on a rescue boat. Wolle ends up in the ocean and needs to be rescued.
(First: Folge 2425)
Animation Guess that animal clay animation, the animal in question is a seahorse
Muppets Cookie Monster does something unexpected by not eating a plate of cookies. Once the audience understands surprise, he then reverts to form and eats the cookies.

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