Plot Selling Susie
Air date December 28, 2008
Season 36


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Mehmet are polishing Susi, his old car, that he are preparing to sell. Manni, a car expert comes by and admires the car. All Mehemt are missing now are to test the engine before the buyer arrives, but the engine explodes as he starts it.
Scene Mehmet and Manni are looking under the hood of the car, trying to figure out whats wrong. They think it might be some of the cables that are not correctly connected. As Mehmet attmpts to fix it, Manni warns him that the buyer are on his way. Manni volunteer to fix the cables, while Mehmet talks with the buyer.
Scene The buyer tells Mehmet that he already has four cars of the same type but with different colors. The buyer want to test the engine, but as he turns the key the car horn goes off. Mehmet pops the hood and whispers to Manni that it was the wrong cable. Mehmet tells the buyer that everything are in order now and that he should try the engine again.
Scene As the buyer turns the key the windshield wiper starts. A small bang is heard as Manni connects yet another pair of wires and the buyer turns the key and the radio starts. Shortly after the buyer claims to hear some weird sounds under the car, it sounds like a voice. Mehmet says that he can't hear anything. The buyer are convinced that the car are hunted and leaves.
Scene Manni comes out from under the car and proudly tells Mehmet that he belive he found the correct cable. Mehmet tells him that the buyer have left because he thought the car was hunted, Manni are sorry if it was his fault. Mehemt says it does not matter now he can keep his Susi a little longer.
Scene Ernie tells Bert that Manni have repaired the radio. But before Bert can stop Ernie from turning it on, he gets hit by confetti coming up from the teapedeck.
Film Kids talks about cars.
Cartoon A short cartoon about how various doors sound.
Muppets Ernie & Bert Show: The question is "What has an engine and can drive?"

Ernie consults Rubber Duckie for advice. He then brings in his bathtub, claiming that is the answer. When Bert claims that that is the wrong answer, he goes on to prove that his bath tub has an engine and can drive.
(First: Folge 2399)

Film A highspeed film of a ice sculptor at work.
(EKA: Folge 2407)
Film Reporter Wolle wants to find out what happens to old cars at a scrapyard.
Animation Les devinettes de Reinette: The answer to Reinette's animal riddle are a rabbit.
Muppets Mr. Johnson wants to rent a car for going to Chicago, Grover shows him a variety for cars that he can choose from. When no car suits him, Grover gives him a piggy back ride to Chicago.
(EKA: Folge 2228)

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