Plot Nils renovates
Air date September 28, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Ernie and Bert want to demonstrate up and down. Ernie selects up and Bert selects down and they look in that direction. Shortly after Ernie tries to get Bert to look up, but Bert refuses as his job are to look down and then he are hit on the head by a falling ball. Ernie tells him that sometimes you have to look up.

Scene Nils checks to see if he has everything he needs to put up a new wallpaper in the shop. But what wallpaper should he choose. Samson suggest that he use the one with the stripes and Finchen suggest the one with the flowers. But Nils are not sure. Finchen tells him that he has to pick one that he likes and feel comfortable with, Samson agrees after all Nils are gonna look at it for a long time. Nils takes a look again at the wallpapers when a voice suggest pigs. The voice belongs to Hugo Räumlich, a wallpaper salesman and he shows Nils the latest in wallpaper fashion pigs. Hugo voulenteers to help out, but Nils tells him that he don't want pigs on his walls, but he don't know what he want instead. Hugo has a solution they use all of them.
Scene Hugo starts to mix a batch of wallpaper glue, using two cartons of poweder. Nils think that Hugo are using to much powder, but Hugo reassures him that it will hold the wallpaper better.
Scene Samon voulenteers to climb the ladder and messure the wallpaper. Finchen gets the job to use the walpaper glue. However the brush are stuck in the glue, Hugo don't see it as a problem as he just adds more water. Nils are not to sure it's a good idea since it culd make the glue to weak, but Hugo assures him that it will work, afgter all he are a professionel. Meanwhile Samson breaks the ladder as he think he are a bit to heavey, But Hugo assures him that it was the ladder that was to weak. Finchen are unsure how they wil be able to get the wallpaper up now they don't have a ladder. But that's not a problem since Hugo has a new plan
Scene Finchen begins to put on a coat of wallpaper glue on the wall. Meanwhile Hugo climbs up on Nils back, Samson comes with the wallpaper and Hugo tells Nils to go forward. But Nils can't see where he are going due to the wallpaper, but Hugo don't think it's a problem. Nils endsup falling over the bucket of wallpaper glue and are glued to the wall, but mange to get free. Hugo tells them to continue and they begin to put on the wallpaper again.
Scene They have finished, and are able to view their work for a few secunds before the wallpaper begins to fall off the wall. Nils are actually happy that the wallpaper did not stick becuase he got a chance to see the various types on the wall and he has decided that he wants the striped wallpaper.
Film Sofia packing because her family are moving.
Muppets Ernie puts all his toys away and shows Bert how he remembers where Rubber Duckie is: he's under all his toys!
(EKA: Folge 2331)
Film High speed film of a graffiti being painted. Featuring Cookie Monster and Ernie.
Muppets Wolf vom Wörtersee calls the Wörterfee (played by Felicitas Woll), so she can see the mess around the lake. Unfortunately she has lost her wand so she can't magically get rid of all the garbage, she wants Wolf to do something about it so that the lake area can be cleaned. Wolf tells her that he can use magic to clean it up, she don't believe he will be able to do it so she goes to find her wand. As wolf is trying to find a spell in his book that will work, he discovers a black wand on the ground. Two kids comes by just as he finds a spell, that he tries to cast. He is surprised that it actually worked, the Wörterfee are impressed at first, then she notice that he is holding her wand. He gives her the wand and goes to his shed to take a nap, all this magic makes you tired. It turns out that his shed are full of garbage.
Cartoon A dice rolls a printer
Muppets Baby Bear and Hero Guy count 20 stars.
Cartoon Connie the Cow and her friend paint

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