Plot No time for soap bubbles
Air date February 3, 2008
Season 35

Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Ernie claims that he are able to do a weather forecast, and proves it by saying that in the spring there will be rain, in the summer there will be sunny, in autumn there will be storm and in winter there will be snow.
(First: Folge 2338)
Scene Nils is sweeping outside the shop. Feli Filu arrives and if Nils wants to blow soap bubbles with her, but Nils doesn't have the time for it. Pepe offers his help and Nils goes to fetch another broom. Pepe cast a spell that will clean up in front of the shop. At first nothing happens and then a mop appears behind them, and it starts washing the cobblestones.
Scene As Nils returns the entire street are covered in soap and bubbles. Pepe and Feli proudly tells Nils what they did, however Nils is not that impressed by it and the cobblestones are very slippery. Feli get a great idea, the slippery cobblestones can be used as a skating court.
Scene Nils asks Pepe to turn everything back to normal, but just as he is about to do it the mop knocks into Pepe so he dropped his wand, and he needs it for the spell. While Nils are attempting to capture the mop, Feli starts looking for the wand wearing a pair of brushes on her feet as skates.
Scene Shortly after Feli finds the wand, and Pepe cats a spell that turns the mob off. Pepe suggests that he can cast a spell to remove all of the soap and Feli suggests that she can help with her skating brushes. However Nils thinks the best idea is that he cleans it up alone. Then Feli realises that they actually had played with soap bubbles.
Film Kids are talking about what autumn means to them.
Muppets Todays question on the Ernie & Bert Show are "What makes noise and cleans?". Ernie's first answer is a radio, however Bert tells him that a radio can't clean. Ernie then comes up with the solution, he finds a vacuum cleaner and starts using it on Bert.
Cartoon An iguana loses its colors in the rain.
Muppets During a Weather Bulletin, Grover forecasts weather that changes as he speaks. Just as he suggests spending a day at the beach, it begins to rain. Snow follows, and the three patterns repeat until the wind blows him away.
(EKA: Folge 2338)
Film A high speed film showing clouds moving across the sky.
Muppets Oscar the Grouch sings "I'm Sad Because I'm Happy".
(EKA: Folge 2231)
Muppets Bert plays a game with Pigeons were he have to match the umbrellas they are holding.
Muppets Big Bird looks for Ernie in the snowy land, and his only clue are the number 3.

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