Plot Pepe wants to pull a rabbit out of a hat
Air date January 20, 2008
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Ernie asks Bert if the letter Z are on display in the zoo, Bert tells Ernie that of course there aren't any. They then see the letter Z in the cage they are standing next to.
Scene Pepe wants to pull a rabbit out of a hat, a trick he needs to perform for a test he has to pass. After the spell have been cast the hat have disappered and a yellow rabbit have appeared, he introduce himself as Henry. Pepe are very pleased with his own magical skills after all he manged to conjure a talking rabbit. Henry decides to take a look around Sesamstrasse. However Pepe neeeds Henry in order to pass his test so he goes out to look for him.
Scene Pferd comes by Nils store, and sees that all the groceries on display outside have been tipped down. He informs the viewer that he had nothing to do with that, and then procedes to eat the vegetables, then Pepe comes and asks if he has seen a rabbit around.
Scene Meanwhile Henry are eating some carrots he found laying on the street, and he starts to like this Sesamstrasse. Pferd and Pepe spots Henry, and Pferd notice that Henry eats his carrots. Pepe tells Pferd about Henry and his test. Pferd suggest Pepe that he casts a spell to summon Henry to him instead.
Scene After Pepe casts the spell nothing seemed to have happened. Tehy look for Henry but he is not there, as Pepe turn around the viewer can see a rabbits tail on Pepe. Since nothing happened Pepe cast a new spell, This time Pferd notice a change in Pepes face, however Pepe procedes to cast a new spell since Henry did not appear. This time Pepe is turned into a rabbit. Just then Henry comes by and they start sining a song about being a rabbit.
Scene After the song, Pepe says that he needs to go to his test, but Henry reminds him that maybe he should transform himself back to his old self first, so Pepe casts a new spell. This time he is turned into a frog. Pferd says that it would have been better if Pepe would have cast a spell to give him his carrots back.
Film A girl talks about her hobby, she likes to do magic tricks.
Muppets The question in the Ernie & Bert Show are what makes this sound "Muhhh". Ernie brings in a piano, to answer the question and he plays a note. Bert tells Ernie that it's the wrong answer the piano did not make the correct noise. Ernie asks Bert to wait a bit, he then proceeds to put various things in the piano such as a drum, soccer ball and rope, afterwards he sits down at the piano and then plays "muhhh" on the piano. Bert can't understand what happened, and Ernie shows him that the piano now can play various kind of noises, while Bert examines the piano, and ends up getting stuck inside the piano.
Cartoon A dice rolls a piano
Muppets A fat blue girl loses her wind-blown hat in a tree, but she can't cross the street to get it. Super Grover comes to the rescue, and tries to call the cap back. The girl realizes that she needs a grown-up to cross the street, and with her Aunt Edna she gets her hat back.
Muppets The Amazing Mumford is about to pull a rabbit out of his hat, when Elmo comes by and asks him if he could try. Elmo tries but nothing happens, Mumford informs him that you need to practice to perfect such a difficult trick. Then Mumford attempts to do it and a fish pops out of the hat, and Mumford repeats the fact that you need to practice to perfect the trick.
Cartoon Connie and her friends explore a cave in the woods.

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