Plot Grouch of the year
Air date December 16, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Bert asks Ernie why he has a silly hat on. Ernie tells Bert that he has it on to remeber something, but what was it? Ernie then remembers that the hat he wears are to remind him that he has a present for Bert. Ernie pulls out a hat and puts it on Bert's head, the hat was to remember that he had another hat for Bert.
Scene Rumpel got the papers for his registration for the Grouch of the year competition and he quickly begins to fill it out. But then he notice that he has to make a video from a typical day. Rumpel are upset as he don't know how to make such a video tape. He then remembers that Moni has a video camera and hurries over to her.
Scene Rumpel tells Moni that she has to make him a video for his aplication to become Grouch of the year. She would like to help but don't have anyone that can take care of Lena, so she will have to bring her along. Rumpel reluctant accepts and he are sure that they can get it done very fast. But Moni tells him that it will take her awhile to get the things ready that she would need.
Scene Moni have found her camera and have set it up and Rumpel begins his presentation. Shortly after he started Lena pops-up next to Rumpel and soil her diaper. Rumpel as theres a very nice odor around her. Moni comes in and apologizes to Rumpel and tells him that they can just start over.

Scene Moni places Lena next to her and restrats the camera, meanwhile Lena slips way again.
Rumpel begins his presentation again and Lena pops-up once more and starts to use the various pots and pans as a drumset. Moni hurries in to stop her daughter and caries her away once more.
Rumpel thinks it was great, but Moni restarts the camera. Rumpel once again starts his presentation and this time Lena pulls down a rope that holds Rumpels extra pots and pans. Rumpel thinks it's great, Lena are a natural talent when it comes to being a Grouch and that he are sure that he will win with lena by his side. Lena begins to talk really fast, and Rumpel are unsure what she are saying. Moni thinks that she are saying that she wants to play with the mud that Rumpel has, and she suggest that Rumpel plays with Lena. Rumple likes the idea and the two of them starts to throw mud at each other. Moni are excited and kinda proud of her little Grouch.
Film Valentin talks about his dog Wanda, and shows how he takes care of her and trains her.
Muppets Ernie tries to answer a tricky question from the animal kingdom, that involves a rabbit.
Film A high-speed movie of a pool
Muppets Telly rings his triangle outside Oscar’s trash can, bringing him outside. He asks Oscar if he’d like to join his band, but he declines, since he’s already in his own band: Four Grouches Named Moe and Oscar. When the four Moes arrive, they sing “Big Bad Mess” for Telly. They invite him to be in the band, but Telly also declines and sets off as the band continues rehearsal.
Cartoon Drawing a parrot
Muppets Baby Fats Domino sings "Baby Blankie Blues."
Cartoon Connie the Cow are sad because two of her best friends can't get along.

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