Plot Nils needs some new shelves
Air date November 25, 2007

Picture Segment Description
Cold Opening Bert enjoys the tranquility of the forest, he thinks it's nice that you can stand still and listen to the birds. Ernie comes and says that he thinks forests are great since you can yell as loud as you can without disturbing anyone.

Scene Nils has just been at the wholesale market, and are putting all the things he bought on the shelves in the shop. However the selves break as he is putting the last things in place. Luckily the shelves salesman Knut Köffelström just happens to come by and he has a offer that Nils can't refuse for new shelfs, the "Köffelström 1000" shelfs system. Knut ensures Nils that the "Köffelström 1000" are the best shelfs on the market. But before Nils can get the selves in the shop it has to be put together.
Scene While Knut are assembling the shelves, Nils are making room in his shop for them. However Knut has problems putting it together, but he attempts to hide it for Nils. Rumpel comes by and he suspects that Knut does not know what he is doing. So Rumpel promises that he can make a Grouch quality shelf instead.

Scene Rumpel and Knut are having a discussion outside of the shop about which of the shelves are the best. At the first glance Nils thinks that the "Köffelström 1000" looks more stable than the Grouch shelves. Nils decides to test both shelves. He puts a box with flour on each shelve to see what will happened, they both collapse. Knut claims it must be due to a minor fabrication error on some of the components and Rumpel thinks it might be because some of his materials were a bit to rusty.
Film Kids talk about lying.
Muppets The question for the Ernie & Bert Show is "What has feathers and can fly?"

Ernie first replies it is a pillow since it has feathers. His second answer is an Indian, but Bert tells him even though Indians have feathers on their head they can't fly. Ernie disagrees with him, so he hands Bert his Indian headdress and two sets of balloons which eventually lift Bert off his feet.

Cartoon A frog loses its color in the rain.
Muppets Kermit attempts to direct a scene from Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but he is having problems with both the stage hand and Goldilocks that has problems showing the feelings surprise and fear.
Film A high speed movie that shows how the grass are removed and then replaced on the Hamburger SV Soccer stadium.
Muppets Baby Bear and Ralphie sings about being different and the same, with Big Bird's help.
Cartoon Connie the Cow and her friends compare differences to each other.

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