Plot Rumpel learns to sweep chimneys
Air date November 11, 2007
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold Open Ernie notices that Bert has his own cellphone. Ernie calls him to say that he thinks it's good Bert has his own phone so he can call him.
Scene Rumpel meets a chimney sweeper, he askes him what he is doing and after getting the reply that he hs cleaned the chimney, Rumpel gets angry at him, no-one are going to clean such a nice dirty chimney. However after thinking about it Rumpel comes to the conclusion that it's propperly a good job to sweep chimneys after all you get nice and dirty doing that. So Rumpel offers his help.

Scene The sweeper tells Rumpel that he have to lower the sweeping tool slowly down, however Rumpel discovers if he does it fast then theres a bigger chance for getting dirty. A side effect of this is that Nils and Annette comes out of the shop they get covered in soot. At first they don't worry that much since they heard it brings luck to have a chimney sweeper visiting on the roof, however they sudenly understand why it was not the case here when they spot Rumpel doing the sweeping.
Scene Rumpel Tells Nils and Annette that he found his dream job and that his new best freind are learning him how to become a chimney sweeper.
Scene They then sing a song about sweeping chimneys. At the end of the song Annette loses her balance and Rumpel catches her.
Scene Annette thanks Rumpel by giving him a big kiss on the cheek. Afterwards she said that it does bring luck to touch a chimney sweeper, and Nils proceed to praise the good work Rumpel have done with the chimney, it's so clean. Rumpel starts to think about what have happened that he have cleaned and giving luck to people, that does not really goes with having a good time in his eyes. However they convince him that he looks really grouchy in the uniform, and he proceeds to clean the chimney.
Film A group of kids tells how to lit a safe campfire and what you can use a campfire fr.
Muppets Ernie wants to know if Bert will still be his best friend if he has a hat, jumps around saying mashed potatoes. Bert stops him and says that he will be his best friend no matter what. Ernie then decides that he won't do those things anymore. Instead he wants to have a fish on his head, dance and saying hippity hoppity.
Muppets Reporter Wolle interviews the chimney sweeper Marco about what he does.
Film A high speed fire, heats a pot of soup.
Muppets Miss Marble helps the Old Woman Who Lives in a Shoe to find her missing shoe/home.
Animation Connie the Cow takes a walk in the sunshine and admires the beautiful flowers. She decides to share the view with her friends.

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