Plot Nils' not so cool car
Air date October 7, 2007 (season premiere)
Season 35


Picture Segment Description
Cold opening Ernie asks Bert what the arrow means, and Bert tells Ernie that it's a sign that shows you the way. Ernie then asks the sign to show him the way to the toy store.
Scene Nils is unhappy about his car; he thinks it's not cool.
Scene Rumpel calls his friend Ed (guest star Oliver Korittke) to come and help make Nils' car cool.
SCENE, cont'd Ed arrives and thinks that it's possible for him and Rumpel to make some modifications to the car and make it cool. Nils' own idea is to paint flowers on his car; however, Ed and Rumpel have other ideas.
Scene Ed and Rumpel sing a rap about Nils' car while working on it.
Scene Nils is very happy with the result. However, he does have a few questions about the new equipment that Ed and Rumpel added.

Scene Rumpel tells Nils that the car now has a new paint job, a new stereo, new hubcaps and a new manifold. But the best thing is that it's also a lowrider.
Scene Nils can't wait to test the car; however, he discovers some flaws. The door comes off as he opens it, but it doesn't worry him much because there's a door on the other side. However, that also falls off as he gets into the car.
Scene It's time to test the lowrider function. However, it doesn't seems to work as intended, and when he starts the engine it blows up.
Film Emile and Bjarne show how they learned to rap and dance at school.
Muppets Today's question in the Ernie & Bert Show is "What has an engine and can drive?"

Ernie consults Rubber Duckie for advice. He then brings in his bathtub, claiming that is the answer. When Bert claims that that is the wrong answer, he goes on to prove that his bathtub has an engine and can drive.

Animation A giraffe turns white in the rain.
Muppets Reporter Wolle interviews the minister president of Niedersachsen, Christian Wulff. One of the things Wolle would like to find out is what a minister president does.
Muppets Grover demonstrates "surprise" with Prairie Dawn in thirty seconds.
(EKA: Folge 2293)
Animation Connie the Cow and her parents prepare for a party and decorate the house with flowers.

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