Plot The fairytale prince
Air date August 26, 2007
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Finchen is reading a book about "Sleeping Beauty". Then suddenly, the Fairytale prince comes and offers his services to Finchen. It takes a few seconds for Finchen to realize that it's the prince from her storybook. She decides to ask the prince how he woke up Sleeping Beauty, but the prince can't remember how he did it; he just graduated from the fairytale prince school and stil mixes up the various fairytales. Finchen decides to test the prince: Finchen will be Sleeping Beauty and the prince will wake her. Finchen then goes to sleep and the prince sits down next to the leaf pile. When Finchen asks the prince why he did not wake her, the prince replies that he is waiting for the 100 years to pass. Finchen says that they will just pretend that the 100 years have passed and goes to sleep. The prince then yells at Finchen to wake her up. Finchen does not believe that's the right way to wake Sleeping Beauty; he will have to do better.
Film Some kids act out the story of "Sleeping Beauty"
Scene The Fairytale prince tries to come up with how to wake up Sleeping Beauty. He tries with an alarm clock, but Finchen says that's not the right way. The prince then tries to make a lot of noise with various items such as pot lids, flute, drum and rattles, Finchen says that's not a good way to wake a princess. The prince wonders if he has to defeat a dragon or be turned into a frog.
Film Mazze tries to answer the question "How do I get my dog to sit?"
Scene The prince tries to remember what he learned at the prince school. He then tries to sing a wake up song. Finchen thinks it's funny but it's not the way to wake a princess. The prince then takes Finchen's book about Sleeping Beauty and notices a picture of the prince kissing the princess. He then kisses Finchen. Now that was a solution fitting a fairytale prince. They then proceed with a little dance before the prince says that he will have to leave to find the real Sleeping Beauty.
Muppets Bert portrays Prince Charming, who wakes up Sleeping Beauty, but then puts her to sleep again when he starts talking to her about his paper clips.
(EKA: Folge 2235)
Muppets Kermit and Anything Muppets sing "I Wonder 'Bout the World Above Up There".
(EKA: Folge 2307)
Film A high speed film about kids building a sandcastle at the beach.
Cartoon Connie the Cow tries to protect her friend while he sleepwalks.
Muppets Ernie sings a lullaby for the owls in the zoo. After all owls must sleep during the day time since they are night creatures. However, Bert does not think singing will help the owls get to sleep. At first Ernie doesn't know what to do, then he decides to count sheep for the owls.

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