Plot Baby Pepe
Air date July 1, 2007
Season 34
  • Lena wants something, but no one can understand her. Pepe casts a spell to help them understand, but turns himself into a baby instead.
  • Ernie makes a few animal sounds and wants Bert to guess what sounds he is making. Bert just wants to read his book and keeps guessing correctly by accident. Eventually, Ernie decides to agree to stop playing the game and leaves, but then a lion comes in and roars. Bert isn't paying attention and thinks that Ernie is making the animal sounds even though he promised not to.
  • Prairie Dawn talks about three important parts of the face which are the eyes, the nose, and the ears, with assistance from Cookie Monster. Prairie agrees that cookies can be seen and smelled, but not heard - unless eaten by Cookie Monster.

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Folge 2380 Folge 2383