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Plot A morning walk
Air date April 22, 2007
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Wolle are up early in the morning, since he and Pferd have planned a morning walk. Wolle wakes Pferd, but Pferd thinks it's too dark to get up and goes back to sleep. Wolle decides to make it lighter and turns on the carrot lamp and wakes Pferd again. But Pferd don't fall for the trick and goes back to sleep.
Kids are testing various items to see what makes the most noise.
(First: Folge 2299)
Wolle decide to find more lamps to make it even more lighter. He wakes Pferd again, but Pferd says he don't want to get up. Pferd thinks it's light enough to get up, however it's so quiet. He concludes that it's to quiet to get up and goes back to sleep. Wolle decides to make sure it's not quiet anymore, he goes to get a alarm clock and Pferd wakes up, but as soon as the alarm clock goes off Pferd are prepared to go back to sleep. But Wolle manage to prevent it by getting a boom box and Pferd wonders why Wolle wants him to get up.
A story about a princess who don't want to go to sleep during the night.
Wolle continues to make noise and Pferd tries to ask Wolle why he wants him to get up. Wolle says that they are gonna take a morning walk. It turns out that Pferd had forgotten about their agreement. But he thinks that it's to light and to noisy for a morning walk, and decides to go back to sleep.
Early in the morning, Ernie sees some pigeons through the window, and wonders if he should wake Bert.
Linda prepares for her confirmation.
Bert plays a pigeon party game on his computer.
Ernie plays "Ernie sings" with the viewer.
Bert asks Ernie why he has his ice hockey outfit on, since they are going to a soccer match, Bert even has his soccer shirt on. Ernie replies that there have to be only answer to that, they are going to a ice hockey match and Bert will have to change.

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