Plot Finchen skateboards
Air date August 13, 2006
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Nils gives Finchen a skateboard, however Finchen are not certain it's something for her. Nils tell her to practice a little before he comes to help her. Just then Martha Mut (Martha Courage) and Anton Angst (Anton Fear) comes by and tells Finchen that they are there to help her. Fincehn are impressed that she will be helped by courage and fear.
Film Kids talks about things that they accomplished even though they were a little afraid.
Scene Martha Mut and Anton Angst sings a song about being brave and afraid. Meanwhile Finchen are putting on her skateboard equipment. After the song they take Finchen's hand and pulls her along on the skateboard.
Muppets Grover and his marching band perform a song about being brave. However, his band is scared away by Harvey Monster.
(EKA: Folge 1496)
Scene Martha says that it's time for Finchen to show how brave she are. However Anton starts his shrine and tells Finchen that she could get hurt and Finchen says that she's a little afraid. Martha and Anton starts a argument, Finchen interrupts them and asks if they want to help or not. Martha says that of course they want to help. They hold Finchen's hands and helps Finchen to start and they let go and Finchen manage to go along on her own. Martha thinks that Finchen are very brave and Anton are confident that Finchen will be careful not to get hurt. Finchen thanks the two of them and they leave. Nils comes out to show Finchen how to use the skateboard, however Nils falls over and Finchen says that it's good that Anton did not see that. FInchen then demonstrate to Nils how to use a skateboard and Nils are impressed that she learned it so fast, and she tells him about Martha and Anton.
Muppets Through his binoculars, Ernie observes Bert reading his book, even though he's closer to Bert than he need be.
Muppets Wolle investigates what a policeman does.
Cartoon A dice rolls a police car
Muppets Elmo's World: Teeth
Muppets Ernie pushes Bert on a skateboard, at the same time Bert manage to say he has a question. Ernie wonders what Bert wanted to ask, then Bert comes racing by yelling "Where's the brakes" and then crashes, and Ernie says that it seems the brakes works.

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