Plot Nils and Anette get married (season premiere)
Air date July 9, 2006
Season 34


Picture Segment Description
Scene Ella and Samson welcomes the viewer, and shares the big news, Annette and Nils are getting married and everyone are preparing the wedding. Moni are helping Annette with her dress to get it to fit just right. Finchen and Feli Filu are taking care of Lena, so she won't be in the way. Then the registrar frog comes by to see how things are going, as Annette bends over to greet the frog her dress terrs in the back.
Film Two bridesmaid girls talk about the wedding they are going to attend.
Scene Moni are unsure if she can repair the dress. The registrar frog decides that he wants to see if he can find the groom. He introduce himself to Rumpel, who are busy with a new machine he are building. The frog tells Rumpel that he wanted to know more about him before he marries Rumpel with Annette. Rumpel luaghs and direct the frog to the store instead.
Over at the store, Nils are showing Mehmet, Wolle and Pferd the wedding rings. Wolle don't understand why theres two rings, and Mehmet explains the symbol that the wedding rings stand for. Nils asks Wolle and Pferd what they are going to do. They quickly says that they are in charge of throwing rice, they then start throwing around boxes with rice, in the confusion that follows Nils losses the rings. The registrar frog comes by to greet the groom, however Nils explains the situation to him and tells that he dose not have time to talk.
Outside the store Nils runs into Annette, who are now wearing a bathrobe, he asks her were the dress are and she tells him that Moni had to make a few minor changes to it. Annette then asks if Nils have remembered the rings, Nils says that he has everything under control.
Muppets Elmo, Herry Monster and Prairie Dawn sing about the number "Three".

Scene Nils, Mehmet, Wolle and Pferd have not found the rings yet. Pferd says that when you can't find something, it's good to stand still and think, as he lifts one of his hooves up under his chin, Wolle notice that the rings are under it. Nils are very happy that the rings have been found, now they can continue with the wedding. However Nils starts to feel quite nervous, but he pushes the thoughts away and hurries out the door to get married.
Meanwhile the registrar frog are talking to Samson and Ella about Samson's organ, it turns out that Samson can't figure out why the barrel organ can't play properly. The frog discovers a old sock that turned out to be the problem, after it was removed the barrel organ could play the wedding song. Moni comes by and says that the dress have been repaired and that the wedding can begin.
The registrar frog starts his speech, but since no-one had time to talk to him about the bride and groom, he makes it up as he goes along. As Nils is about to put the ring on Annettes finger, Lena throws a ball at Nils, so he drops the rings, as Nils and Annette bows down to pick them up Annettes dress terrs again in the back. Everyone starts laughing at it all. Then Annette and Nils says there woes to each other. After the woes Mehmet tells Pferd and Wolle that it's time to throw the rice, Wolle says that they can't do it since Pferd ate them all. But Rumpel comes to the rescue, the machine he was working on earlier was a confetti throwing machine.
Muppets Bert is going to a pigeon convention but can't decide which of two hats he wants to wear to the convention, despite the fact that they are identical.
Muppets Reporter Wolle visits a bakery to see what a baker does.
Muppets Elmo's World: Dancing
Muppets Ernie shows Bert a Pustekuchen (Puff cake).

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