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Plot Pferd can't sleep.
Air date Feburary 19, 2006
This episode page has been compiled from the episode description at the NDR website.

Picture Segment Description
Pferd have just gone to bed but he can't fall asleep. Wolle comes by and Pferd shares his problem. Wolle suggest that he should count sheep using his imagination, however Pferd can only imagine carrots and they are making him hungry. Wolle gets a new idea, Pferd can count him after all he is a sheep.
Wolle has gone offscreen and wait for Pferd's cue. As Wolle passes, Pferd counts to one and when Wolle passes the second time Pferd counts to one again. After Wolle has passed Pferd the third time he stops and asks Pferd why he keeps counting to one instead of the number of times Wolle has passed. Pferd tells him that Wolle are the same sheep each time he passes. He can't imagine that Wolle are different each time, so Wolle decides to disguises himself after each pass so he are different each time.
Wolle passes Pferd 55 times and each time dressed as someone else. Pferd are very excited and can't wait to see what Wolle comes as next and that keeps him from going to sleep. Wolle are to tired to continue and goes to sleep. Pferd decide it's time to go to sleep as well.

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