Plot Babysitting Lena
Air date December 4, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Moni are going to take some pictures of a baby elephant and are letting Nils and Mehmet being babysitters for Lena. Moni then gives Nils and Mehemet a few instructions and some of the things they would need such as jacket, hat, scarf, Baby bottle, rattle and toys. But most importantly Lena have to take a nap, it could be a bit hard to get her to sleep but it's important.
Muppets Ernie talks about the differences between himself and his cousin, Ernestine.
(EKA: Folge 2023)
Film A film with babies
Scene Nils and Mehemet are playing with Lena, when she suddenly points over to the pile of toys. They try to figure out what toy it is she wants.
Muppets Grover sings "I Do Not Crawl Around Much Anymore".
Film Kids are talking about babies.

Scene Lena is crying as Nils and Mehmet are unable to find the stuffed toy she wants. Nils trips and ends up among the toys and can't get up. Mehem sits Lena down on the ground and goes to help him and Lena crawls away. They go into Nils shop to look for her.
Lena has crawled over to Rumpel and his barrel. It turns out that she was not pointing to her own toys, but to the brush, Karl Heinz, that Rumpel has.
Film A boy pretends to be a elephant, while a drawing of a elephant are being made over the film.
Muppets Deena wants to play baby. But Pearl wants to sleep, but are talked into playing after Deena tells her that the baby wants to sleep. However the game gets more complicated that Pearl counted on.
Cartoon An elephant counts to 20.
Artist: Owe Gustafson
Film A film with a baby elephant.
Scene Mehemet are feeding Lena, after a few spoons she knocks the spoon away and Mehmet gets the food in the face. Rumpel takes over, while he is holding Karl Heinz. He feeds Lena, and makes her burp.
Film Elmo's friend Diamond goes to a farm to pet baby animals.
Muppets Pferd bets he can abstain from eating a basket of delicious carrots for one minute.
Cartoon A baby climbs up the stairs all by himself.
Muppets Elmo and Zoe plays a new game were you have to do the opposite of each other.
Scene Rumpel has taken over Lena and are brushing her with Karl Heinz. Nils and Mehemt tells Rumpel, that it's time for Lena's nap, and they start to sing her a lullaby, however it don't work. Rumpel laughs at their attempt and he sings a lullaby of his own, this time she falls asleep. Nils and Mehmet are impressed at the skills Rumepl has shown. Mona returns and are surprised that Lena are sleeping, she have gotten a elephant plush for Lena.

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