Plot The mole
Air date August 7, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Ella are going to water her vegetables garden and Finchen comes along to help. However theres a big molehill in her garden, and Ella is sad that her lettuce are ruined. Below the molehill the mole listens to what Ella and Finchen talks about and he nods his head, when Finchen tells Ella that he is sure the mole did not borrow in her garden on purpose. Finchen suggests Ella that they should talk to the mole and direct him to a different place.
Scene Finchen and Ella tries to shout to the mole asking him to borrow elsewere, but they don't get a answer. Ella thinks that the molehill might be to thick for the mole to hear anything, so they would need some thing louder. Meanwhile the mole has decided to leave the area. Ella has gotten a megaphone in a attempt to get the moles attention. The mole hurries away due to the noise.
Scene Rumpel are throwing balls at some cans and having a good time, when the earth suddenly shakes underneath him. Next to his barrel a molehill appears. The mole pops up and introduces himself as Mulli. He tells Rumpel he borrowed from the garden to this place. But Rumpel are not happy with the fact that Mulli have decided to popup next to his barrel.
Scene Finchen and Ella still tries to talk to the mole at the molehill in the garden, but with no luck, when Ella gets a new idea. Meanwhile Mulli conclude that the new place he borrowed to is a nice place to settle in. Rumpel once again tells Muli that he don't want him next to the barrel. Then they hear Finchen and Ella's voices, they have gotten a bigger megaphone and once again tires to the the mole to move out of the garden. Rumpel can understand why Finchen and Ella tries to get rid of the mole. Mulli then starts to tell Rumpel that he borrows through earth and sometimes mud, and that he have to have places that he can rest. Rumpel gets interested when Mulli mentioned the word mud. Mulli then starts to sing about how he borrows.
Scene Ella and Finchen notice that the mole are over at Rumpel's. Finchen tells Mulli that he are welcome to have a mole hill near his tree, and Ella tells him that she don't mind that he is in her garden as long as he do not destroy her vegetables with his molehills. But Rumpel tells them that Mulli is his new muddy friend and he will stay next to him.


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